Student Chair Opportunity

Begun at CRYO2016, the student chair opportunity has proven exceedingly popular, so once again student delegates at CRYO2019 will have the opportunity to act a trainee chair/moderator for a scientific session. You’ll be paired with an experienced senior cryobiologist who will lead the session, but you’ll also have the opportunity to introduce speakers, keep the session running on time, and moderate the questions and answers. 

Please note the following conditions: 

• You must be registered and attending CRYO2019 as a student delegate in order to apply

• No registration discount or financial compensation is offered in exchange for participation 

• Preference will be given to students who have not participated in the student chair program previously

To apply simply fill in the form below before the closing date of June 16, 2019. Student chairs will be announced by the end of June. 

The deadline for the Student Chair Opportunity has passed.