Room Sharing Option

Want to stay at the Wyndham, but split the cost? We have a brand new OPTIONAL room sharing program! 

Step 1: Register for CRYO2019 

Step 2: Fill in the Room Share Form below

Step 3: We’ll email you and your room share buddy at least a week before the cut off date for Wyndham bookings, June 30th. 

Step 4: Your and your buddy book your room share directly with the Wyndham using the Delegate Booking Link. Be sure to request a twin room in the ‘Additional Requests’ section of the booking form. It will be up to you and your buddy to organize how to split the cost (i.e. one person reimburses the other, or both pay half of the bill at the Wyndham). 

This is the first year we have trialed this, so we can’t guarantee to match your requirements exactly, but we’ll try our best!